As Muslims, the children are taught to respect the mosque. The children are expected to remain quiet until the prayer has begun. Playing, loud talking or unnecessary movement will not be tolerated in the mosque.


All Pupils are expected to support the rules of conduct which contribute to the safety of others and the smooth movement of Pupils throughout the buildings. The buildings may have potential hazards such sharp edges and glass or metals which call for safety rules prohibiting running, ball throwing and other potentially dangerous activities.


Every Pupil is expected to follow the safety rules for the playground. It is vital that activities such as stone throwing and playing in non-designated areas be eliminated to prevent injury.


- All pencil sharpening must be done before coming to school. When a pencil needs to be sharpened, permission must be given from the teacher. Using of razor blades by pupils to sharpen pencils is not allowed. If it must be done, then the sharpening must be carried out by the teachers
- Pupils must remain in their classrooms unless given permission by their teacher.
- Pupils are expected to do their best in all classes and to do all of their homework.
- Pupils are expected to allow all of their teachers to teach and to allow other Pupils the opportunity to learn.
- Pupils should keep their classrooms clean and tidy at all times.
- Pupils must raise their hands to be recognized before speaking.
- Pupils are expected to have all of their necessary books and supplies for each class with them when the class begins.
- Pupils should fully comply with specific classroom ruUsra Academy Pupils are expected to conduct themselves in a proper, responsible and Islamic manner, respecting their teachers and other adults, their fellow Pupils and all property.
- A Pupil whose actions infringes upon the rights of others to learn or stops or slows down their learning is to be held responsible for those actions, and disciplinary measures will be taken.
- All rules set forth by individual teachers.


In the event that a Child does not follow the guidelines set out in the discipline policy, the following procedures will be implemented to help the Child improve his/her behavior:
- Initially, when a Pupil exhibits unacceptable behavior, the teacher will deal with him/her on a personal basis with verbal warning, no break, cleaning or whichever the teacher deems appropriate.
- If the Pupil continues to break the rules, an offence form will be filled out and signed by the Pupil and the teacher.
- If the Pupil keeps repeat the offence, a Parents/Guardians and Class Teacher meeting will be set up to discuss the Pupil's behavior.
- The Pupil may or may not be involved in this meeting. Parents/Guardians are asked to speak seriously to their Child/Ward and discuss the consequences of continued misconduct.
- Continued misbehavior will result in the pupil being placed on disciplinary probation for a period of is thirty (30) days, or as determined by the Head Teacher
- During probation, three offence forms written-up for any Pupil results in automatic suspension for up to three (3) days. Furthermore, the Pupil will only be allowed back to school if he/she agrees to follow the rules of the school.
- Following the Parents/Guardians and Class teacher meeting, if no improvement is seen, then the Pupil will be suspended (Please see definition below) for up to three (3) days and will only be allowed back to school if he/she agrees to follow the rules of the school. The Pupil may also be put on disciplinary probation (Please see definition below).
- During extreme cases of misbehavior the Head Teacher has the authority to modify this procedure as necessary.