Admission is on first come first serve basis. Priority is however given to siblings of currently enrolled pupils. There is no examination into this class, but prospective pupils are screened to determine their eligibility to enter the class. The children have to be normal and healthy as the school is yet to provide special facilities for children with special needs.
Interested parents are expected to book their children and follow the instructions provided during the screening and registration period.


A conventional entrance examination is given to pupils seeking admission into this category of classes. The number of pupils admitted will be determined by the vacancies available. Parents are to purchase the application forms and attach the following documents:
- Birth Certificate
- Report Card of previous two terms
- Two passport size photographs of the child
When the examination date is set, parents shall be notified and afterwards successful candidates will be given an admission offer, which they are required to promptly accept or decline.


Admissions into the Junior Secondary School Class One (JSS1) are by entrance examination. Candidates seeking entry must be 11yrs of age by September.
For the Entrance Examination, Entry Forms are available on sale at the school for N3000. Forms are to be submitted along with the following:
- Two passport photographs
- Copy of the last report card from previous school
- Copy of the candidates birth certificate.


An Application for Admission form submitted to the school will not be complete unless accompanied with the following:
- A copy of the Pupil's birth certificate or declaration of age.
- Letter of Transfer from the previous school the child was attending, where applicable.
- Transcripts and/or School Report Cards - Official transcripts or school report cards for each year of attendance at another
school. It is assumed that report cards/school records will indicate the Pupil's level of achievement and successful completion of previous grades